Top 25 most used services of AWS - Explained.

Top 25 most used services of AWS - Explained.

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AWS is a metaverse with a broad spectrum of cloud computing accessibilities. Businesses and Enterprises rely heavily on AWS to cater to all the small to enormous demands. All these services are deployed as Amazon cloud platform products. They serve different accessibilities which have brought peace to our life.

Any individual or enterprise can access these services as free or paid. These are organized into different service categories. Its been 12 years since AWS services have launched to the world.

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Assist your Organisation's needs with these AWS services

1. Amazon VPC

It would be best if you had a place to keep all your resources under one roof. Amazon VPC does the same work for you, facilitating the virtual private cloud stage. You can manage the AWS resource accessibility by picking the ideal subnet and IP address.

Moreover, you can isolate the backend to keep the database protected and defined. Many businesses and enterprises utilize this private cloud platform/ subnet establishment service to separate products and services.

Furthermore, it enables security, monitoring, and visibility and manages network dependencies and traffic patterns for Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudwatch. It addresses the configuration, troubleshooting, and accidental data exposure and mitigates the defects.

2. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

It is one of the intelligent and significant AWS services/products. Streamline the easy, trouble-free hosting, operation, and management of applications while enabling on-demand scale-up/down services for business preferences for peak time.

Enterprises see this as an affordable, Competent & traffic management resource tool. It facilitates a flexible & user-friendly dashboard. Pay and access the fun for the utility.

Enthusiasts developers and coders solve this tool for its smart server and network management capabilities, load balancing, and firewalls.

3. Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is defined as Amazon Simple Storage Service. It collects a massive amount of data and information to serve the users on-demand in their comfortable space. Users prefer this for its high performance, scalability, flexibility, triple redundancy, low-latency robustness, error-free delivery, and accessibility.

Additionally, it enables the ease of capacity provisioning, management, backup, and recovery of your organization's data.

Be informed that the size of the object (images, audio, video, files, etc.) can range up to 5TB. Each object contains metadata or snippets to let users know about its fundamental insight.

4. Amazon EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud)

Amazon AWS features and facilitates the utility of ports, virtual machines, and security. It coveted advanced computing capacity for smart workload management. At the same time, it serves high-end efficient processors, storage system resources, and networking facilities. Moreover, Amazon EC2 enveloped its cloud-based virtual servers' flexibility, scalability, and robustness. Enterprises/ business houses can quickly sort out the market demands by accessing them hourly on demand.

5. Amazon Cloudwatch

Keep an eye on all the available AWS services and resources for optimum accessibility and utility. Subsequently, be aware of all the occurrences and responses and initiate actionable insights. It lets you discover the cloud ecosystem behavior and visualize logs and metrics.

Moreover, get updated with the health of all the AWS resources, services, applications, and other in-house solutions. Amazon Cloudwatch drives system performance optimization, resource utility, initiating automations, troubleshooting, etc.

6. Amazon Route 53

Access the connectivity across inside and outside AWS services. End users get the support of Elastic load balancers, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 buckets, and others. These services possess versatile DNS service functionality.

Route 53 Application Recovery Controllers- DNS Health analysis & configurations, figure out the potential for successful system failure recovery.

Route 53 Traffic Flow- It enables global traffic management with integration routing mechanism: Geoproximity, Geo DNS, latency-based routing, weighted round robin.

7. Amazon CloudFront

AWS services are widely accessible for secure and high-performance rapid data or content delivery and ensure automated network mapping and smart routing to definite destinations with low latency. It eases data transfer by integrating core encryption, modern-edge computation power, and data compression capabilities.

8. AWS Lambda

Get the necessary support for backend processing through this excellent platform as a service resource. It will drive the actin as your preference without exposing the complete access to OS. Sync the code and get rapid real-time availability and rest assured the process will inherit on its own. Be it scaling, load-balancing, traffic, or runtime management. Control the cost and forget the pain of cluster and server.

9. Amazon Inspector

As the name indicates, it supervises and ensures that all your application and EC2 objects will be safe from any vulnerabilities. It releases an update with the proper alert insights and security evaluation. You need to install the AWS Inspector to relax about the EC2 security.

10. Amazon Cognito

They are extending access and authentication support for mobile applications. Forget the backend infrastructure vulnerabilities/ risks and be consistent with end-user data synchronization with clean coding. Many social media apps have integrated this resource to validate and verify the identity and access of users at the time of sign-in.

11. Amazon DynamoDB

It is an innovative, cost-effective, promising, full-managed, serverless, No SQL Database resource. AWS has integrated it into the suite to comfort the developers from a backend management perspective. Access limitless output, capacity, and rapid speed performance. Moreover, it is efficient to manage the workload of 10trillion requests daily. Consider overseeing 15M requests each second.

Additionally, watch innovative, actionable insights, the latest traffic trends, and analytics graphs simultaneously. Many top eCommerce brands, startups, and enterprises got the privilege of AWS services & utility. Low-latency data access, scalability, caching, and flash recovery is the most significant aspect that drives higher engagement with Amazon DynamoDB.

12. AmazonRDS

Access is a collection of 6 versatile and efficient data engines. No matter what the size of your organization, be assured of the utilization of administration actions. You can create, manage, and operate relational databases with ease. It drives the automation, resolves security concerns/ lacks, and eases setup, privacy, and scaling affordably.

Moreover, it enables rapid processing, low latency, document, and key-value storage for seamless tech development.

13. Amazon Lex

Streaming the AI capabilities with Amazon Lex and launching the conversational interfaces seamlessly. Through text or voice, introduce the deep learning concepts to real-world visualization. You can integrate chatbots to assist your client and keep things in the loop.

Tailor the user experience with automatic speech recognition and natural language processing

14. Amazon Sagemaker

It's a Machine learning integrated analytical tool/service. It efficiently manages the massive ML models, deployment, and training at low investment and accesses futuristic predictions and reports. You can do versatile things with just one resource.

15. AWS Firewall Manager

After adding the consistency, rule, and coverage policies to get exposed by bots and web exploits through this amazing web tool, AWS Firewall manager delivers rich administration & support for the AWS protection suite.

It overlooks AWS Network Firewall, AWS Shield Advanced, AWS WAF, Amazon VPS Security Groups, & Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall. Furthermore, inspect and audit the VPS security, network traffic, and compliance requirement.

16. Amazon Redshift

We treat this AWS service resource as the inventory or warehouse. It drives automation, speed, and high-performance capabilities for successful data analysis and processing. It eases the analysis for massive collection in data lakes, warehouses, third-party data, and operational databases.

This modest, affordable AWS resource provides quick, on-demand insights about cloud data. It allows easy integration with SQL and BI Tools to execute complex computations.

No matter the data's format, it enables seamless analysis and query execution. It includes CSV, ORC, textFile, TSV, JSON, SequenceFile, etc.

17. AWS organizations

It is a resource to simplify budgetary and security needs with centralized management of all AWS accounts. It extends the capabilities to manage an organization's invitation and account creation.

18. Amazon Chime

Manage seamless conversation, meeting, and chat by accessing the capabilities of Amazon chimes. It extends the audio/ video calling support and screen sharing inside and outside. You can set the timing, auto-calling support, and alerts. We all live a busy lifestyle forgetting important calls or meeting through this service. Stick to basic or advanced features on demand at affordable costs.

19. Amazon Lightsail

Facilitates the development of responsive website and application hosting with ease of access. Business owners, students, developers, and individuals can access the templates per their preferences. It enables the configuration of numerous frameworks like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop.

It's a trouble-free, reliable Virtual Private Server Provider that offers containers, databases, or backend support and storage. A cloud ecosystem's basic properties facilitate easy setup with scalability and infrastructure.

20. Amazon AppFlow

Amazon AppFlow is valuable for developers and programmers as it's a no-code SAAS data transfer service tool. It is constructing the bridge for data transfer between AWS and SAAS applications and enabling the automation for data transfer from Redshift, S3 to Salesforce, SAP, Google Analytics, and Zendesk. Quick integration with any application in a few seconds without disturbing the batches.

21. Amazon S3 Glacier

It is the convenient, relaxing, cost-effective data retrieval and backup service offered by Amazon. Subsequently, manage the file storage on S3 and easy data migration if the data is not accessed for a long duration. This event enables the easy migration of data to AWS S3 Glacier.

Most organizations access this cloud architecture service to manage the massive data in virtual space. Brush off the concern of data leakage, durability, or reliability issues with this service.

22. AWS Identity and Access Management

Configure the accessibility to a resource or service for a team/ member depending on their role/designation. You control the dynamic access and authorization, declaring and refining the accessibility permission. It integrates multi-factor authentication with granular access control.

23. Amazon Elastic Book Store(EBS)

You have the block storage facility through Amazon Elastic Block Store, which enables OS & software installation and file storing capabilities. Manage big data cluster analytics without the fear of failure occurrences. Flex your preference with easy scalability. It also integrates and drives the policies for smart launches and backup management.

24. Amazon SNS

Beyond the platform, storage, warehousing, and firewall, AWS facilitates the simple notification service. It enables the deployment of versatile messaging services in two modes—Application-to-application and application to the user. You can enrich subscribers' experience by activating push notifications, emails, SMS, etc. Integrate the AWS SNS services with any subscriber systems AWS SQS, HTTP access points, AWS lambda functions, distributed services, etc.

25. Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis encompasses real-time streaming data fetching, analysis, and processing across various AWS services and resources. It includes Amazon S3, Amazon EMR Cluster, Amazon Redshift, and others. It fetches actionable insights without putting much effort into all data formats, reducing the stress of low latency and enabling fast processing for massive data.

In the end,

AWS is the global cloud service provider and contributor driving 200+ resources & services. It facilitates the easy establishment of business by integrating cloud architecture models (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS).

It has mitigated the risk of system failure and made the deployment & hosting easy by upgrading the security and performance. Anyone can scallop and down the service for their needs and business operation. There is no such pressure to access it, particularly if you need to pay and use it.

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