What Have Been The Most Helpful Online Tools To Self-Improve As A Developer/Software Engineer?

What Have Been The Most Helpful Online Tools To Self-Improve As A Developer/Software Engineer?

By seeing the profile, many people are shifting to this trending high-paid independent profile- Software engineer. The path is neither easy nor challenging; it's about a dedicated mindset, consistency, and efforts that will help you to stable your career.

There is an ocean of resources available you can find online video tutorials, web camps, and certification courses. Alternatively, you can enroll in offline guidance from the training institute. People have numerous doubts and uncertainties about the resources available:

  • Which language should you learn?
  • Which has more scope?
  • How much time will it consume?

In short, they all want to know the proper roadmap for getting skilled in software development and exploring the industry.

Common Qualities/ Skills to dive into software development

Having a professional three or 4years degree will not make you a developer. Any non-tech-related person can onboard this career if he has these qualities:

  • Learning Attitude,
  • Problem Solving Skills,
  • Interpersonal Skills,
  • Zeal towards Programming or tech industry. If you lack affection and are miserable about tech evolution, things will be like a nightmare.

Let's forget about everything and quickly move to the plan of this post!

A software developer or engineer has to practice unwrapping & deal with the concepts:

  • Programming language,
  • OOPS,
  • Data Structures,
  • algorithms,
  • database,
  • the client-server model mechanism, framework & tools,
  • latest technologies, etc.

Learning Python or Javascript will endure new transformations to your personality. Both are versatile and demanding programming languages in 2022, and the charm will continue. If not, the two Java is also a great option to enroll.

A full-fledged software engineer possesses good command over front-end and back-end technologies. Subsequently, API, injections, interfaces, databases, security, configuration, and authentication knowledge is essential.

One of the most compulsory things is the knowledge of code editors, command line interfaces, and GitHub management. You must have a basic understanding of-:

How is an application deployed or its workflow? And how to test the quality of the application.

Invest some practice hours in coding at Bootcamp & youtube channel to smoothen your journey.

W3 Schools

I suggest this website to take the insights of programming language. It has a straightforward representation and interface. You can choose any programming language and do real-time practice with examples. Everything is here, from basic HTML and CSS to hardcore JS, PHP, and nodejs. You can learn things with ease.

Once you are familiar with the basics, the path as a developer will be a little more comfortable. It's free, and you can do the practice anytime, anywhere, on your phone or laptop.

Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele | Udemy

As you are new to this industry and looking forward to taking a move, nothing will be worth enrolling in any web development Bootcamp course. Such courses will train you with a specific set of programming languages & strengthen your core concepts. You will learn about the front and back end and how to integrate the database and CRUD query actions.

Many new technologies have emerged in the past few years and changed the industry's paradigm. Now it's a more enriching & lucrative field to get started and explore. Learning Node, React, React Native, Angular, Flutter, Mongo DB, Flask Django, etc., will help you land a job.

Complete Python Bootcamp 2022: Go from Zero to Hero in Python: 22 Hours

Be a professional pro at Python concepts and running environments. Subscribe to this Python Course presented by Jose Portilla. This course covers Python 2 Python 3 concepts, packages, functions, operators, modules, errors, OOPs, and installation environment essentials.

Fundamentals of Computer Science [edX]

You can apply for this in-demand introductory computer science course launched by the IIT Bombay association. It has listed the powerful concepts of programming & software designing, OOPs concepts, data structures, and algorithms. It's a complete package for the people seeing their career in this domain.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero to Expert!

Master the JS basics and advanced concepts through this comprehensive Udemy course. It is one of the reliable and trusted platforms to enrich your knowledge. Many other top-notch modern weird JS concept courses are listed at budget-friendly prices. Pay and be a member of such a dynamic world of programming!

Build MySQL databases Bootcamp | Udemy

An application or website seems incomplete without the proper structure and setup of databases. Its stores and manage the data from the front end to the backend. Thus Colt Steele has launched this beginner-level course for database and SQL schooling.

Modern JavaScript: ES6 Basics (Guided Project — Coursera): 2 -3 hours

Here, we refer to this Modern JavaScript: ES6 Basics (Guided Project — Coursera) course for beginners. It wouldn’t take much time of yours, and leverage the beginner with an introductory section of modern JS with examples.

Moreover, it will give your quick insights into front-end backend framework concepts such as Node JS, React JS, and Angular JS.

Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization [Coursera]

If you are interested in Android mobile and web application development, learning java could be a great addition to your skill set. JAVA is a universal language, and Duke University offers this course for the same. It will clear all your doubts and give you concrete information on software engineering basics.

As a self-learner, maintain the consistency of the first three core languages, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Learn about the proper syntax & flow of problems with prior knowledge of software design/ wireframing. Nothing can stop you from being a successful software developer.

Browse this Java learning course on Coursera and feel free to dive into the world of Software Development.

Solid Principles: Introducing Software Architecture & Design | Udemy

Your software developer journey is incomplete if you haven’t learned the software architecture and OOPs concept. This course teaches you the correct implementation of such concerts in real-world live projects by integrating existing codes. This course will be worth it for you.

The best thing about all these courses and Bootcamp is you don't have to leave your comfort zone. Everything is just a few steps away from your clicks. You just need to decide the programming language as per your comfort and browse the courses. You can find free and paid courses and get specialized.

Other Resources for programming language learning: Hackreactive.com, Simplilearn.com, Codecademy.com, freecodecamp.org, etc.

Once you are well versed with this stuff must learn the GitHub control system and how to upload projects and show the world about your work. Udacity is offering the course on the same; please visit for once!

Once you're done with the backend, frontend, and database., learn to write tests for real-world action scenarios. Freecodecamp has a course for testing.

Be in the loop of practice, and stop overthinking about anything!

I can understand the dilemma of investing an amount in such Bootcamp or online programming learning resources. Rather than investing your money in unuseful stuff, why don't you enroll and pay for these courses?

It is a way more productive thing for your self-development.

Along with such a course, you can learn the concepts from online channels. Programming industry geeks share their valuable & practical experience with the people like us!

Youtube Channels

Code with Harry

It's a youtube channel, the instructor or trainer, whatever you can consider him. The individual has a great understanding of programming languages; you can check out his video playlist of full-stack development and upgrade your skills: node JS, Vue js. Ember js, React Native, PHP, JS, Node JS, and Python are enveloped in a separate playlist. You just have to click one to follow the steps. He has listed some simple programming examples and web projects to accelerate your practices.

Programming with Mosch

It is another superb programming learning channel on youtube. He has shared valuable stuff for beginners and advanced. He has covered the courses within 1 hour to 12 hours and explained everything in a systematic and easy-to-implement manner.

Hitesh Choudhary

He is a well-known face across the web and social platforms. You can follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube and access the programming stuff shared over them. He has in-depth knowledge about programming, frameworks, tools, & software development lifecycle model.

There are many other channels with thousands of playlists and the latest frameworks, tools accessibility explanations. You just have to stick with one and start a daily practice. Soon you’ll grab the command over basics, simple programming structure, and workflow.

Additional Quote by me:

Procrastination distracts us from our goal so just try to be focused. Take a short break of 1 or 2 if you’re not feeling focused but don’t make it your habit. Staying 3-4days away from coding will vanish your efforts. In this case, as we have said, you can explore courses over the phone. Thus spending 30-40 minutes practicing code with real-world examples or watching programming stuff will keep you on track and close to your goal.

In the end, to master something, you must have theoretical knowledge and real-world experience. Bootcamp, online tutorials, & other resources are significant assets to assist you with programming.

But as you know, we have to work in the real world, so joining a company that could be a small startup company will add value to your work. Working on live projects gives a different experience. You also learn about soft skills, interpersonal skills, and industrial experience.

I also have a tech/ programming background, thus can understand your concerns. I have started my journey as a web developer. I joined the free workshop for seven days near my town, and the instructor explained the boilerplate structure, or you can call it HTML Skelton.

I must admit that simple structure troubled me for 2 days as I was new and had no experience. I would say we have to start somewhere, so just don’t let this thought in your mind. It's too hard, and I can’t do it, as these four words drive you crazy and create obstacles in your software developer journey. Please follow this blog and go ahead with Bootcamp and tools.

Your efforts and confidence will mold you into a successful developer.

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